World's Greatest Paranormal Investigator

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There are things that go bump in the night. And Hellboy? He's the one who bumps back. Usually with a big gun with really big bullets and a knock or two from the stone fist that is his right hand. You got paranormal problems you call the BPRD, and they send in HB. Ghosts, demons, vampires and monkeys with guns, he's handled them all. Its his job. And boy does he love it.

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Hellboy is taken from the motion picture by the same name and based on the comics that are likewise named after him. He works with the BPRD (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) established in 1943 and dedicated to keeping the world safe from the things most people don't know exist. Hellboy is a secret weapon in that fight, top secret and hidden from the world at large. They try to keep him mostly under lock and key until needed but Red has a penchant for escape which makes it hard for the goverment to keep his existance under wraps. He does stand out a bit in a crowd.

Physically he is stronger than a human, 6'5" and while he keeps his horns filed down the bright red skin, tail and hooves kinda give away the fact that Hellboy is a demon. Summoned by a crazed madman bent on bringing about the Apocolypse and raised by a gentle man determined to prevent Hellboy from fullfilling his 'destiny' he is in constant confict with himself and others on who he is and what he will become. Aside from his general looks the most constant reminder of what he was brought here for is his stone hand. The 'Right Hand of Doom' and key to the end of the world. Mostly he uses it for smashing things and hitting monsters but he is aware of what it was really meant for.

He likes to wear a trench coat and almost always has gun and holster on when he's out. Not only does the trench look cool it holds a large assortment of charms and talismans collected from his adventures around the world that he uses against the paranormal.

He likes to smoke, eats a whole lot and is either being surly or a smart ass.

Note: Hellboy is a demon so he'll set off whatever in anyone who can sense such. Not that its hard to tell. Also if someone were to learn his name (Anung Un Rama) and know the proper spells or have the proper magic they would be able to control him. To a certain degree, his will is very strong.

Hellboy is from the Hellboy movies and comics and is the property of Dark Horse and Colombia Pictures and Mike Mignola. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.